Saturday, January 28, 2006

Folk Britannia

I've just been looking at the BBC Folk Britannia webpage. It's a new three-part series about "the evolution of folk music from the end of World War II up to the scene's latter-day revival". Looks as if there's a whole month of folk music on the Beeb, including some concerts from the Barbican. I'm going to one of these - Daughters of Albion on Friday - it certainly should be an interesting evening. The rest of the featured programmes look fascinating - Coppersongs, Bert Jansch, Martin Carthy, Pentangle, Dick Gaughan, Eliza Carthy, stuff from the BBC's folk all seems a bit too good to be true! The whole lot is listed on a separate BBC 4 page - well worth looking at.

Only one complaint (without actually watching the programmes, of course) and that's about the strictly song content - there doesn't appear to be any input on instrumental music or dance in the series - what a shame!


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