Monday, February 20, 2006

Win some, lose some!

Very pleasant gig on Friday - calling with Laughing Gravy (above) for my friend Jim's 50th birthday party. The dance was at Hitchin Town Hall, and involved lots of Morris dancers and a contingent of Jim's family. Most people danced, the food was good, lots of friends there, so a good evening had by all.
While at the Town Hall, I was approached by members of the band, who are also part of the organising committee for the Unicorn Ceilidhs, asking if I'd call at the New Year's Eve Ceilidh this year. Delighted, of course, and they've asked RANDOM to be the band. Excellent!
Unfortunately, the gig at Ashwell next week for the Theatre Club has been cancelled - too many people on holiday (retirees getting some summer sun, I'll be bound!). Disappointing, but it least there's a cancellation fee.
I can now stay on in Cambridge on Saturday for the evening dance at IVFDF, where I'm playing for Rockhopper Morris during the day. IVFDF is the Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival, and will be packed with very enthusiastic, energetic students giving it all at some high-quality ceilidhs.
Next gig will be a scratch band on March 4th, for another birthday party.
Morris practice tonight - I'll see if I can get the hang of the new slow capers in our "Scouthall" tradition.


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