Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chippenham 06

It's been ages since I last posted. Too much to do and not enough time to get thoughts together. The band had some gigs (an especially good one in Hatfield for a Morris dancing friend's 60th birthday), and Life and Times have done a little work, too.
Last weekend was Chippenham Folk Festival. I got away from work early on Friday, we left by 3:30 p.m. and made good time until we got stuck in a traffic jam on the A40 just outside Oxford. That kept us an hour! Still, we arrived at the campsite at a sensible time (7:30) and enjoyed a BBQ with friends from English Miscellany, with whom Gill was dancing at the weekend.
The evening ceilidh was with Twm Tup, who I hadn't seen before, but were very danceable. Gordon Potts was calling and a good time was had by all!
Photo: Crucible
On Saturday I compered the afternoon concert with Crucible as one of the early acts. They have really got it together now - great singing and playing and a lovely attitude too! The John Dipper Band topped the bill - lovely music, beautifully put together.
Danced to Random in the evening, and spent some time in the concert where Crucible were top of the bill, and the highly amusing His Worship and the Pig did the Aardvark song again.
Sunday gave me an opportunity to join the English Music Session for the first time (I'm usually dancing or performing somewhere else!). A very enjoyable couple of hours playing a super selection of tunes. Gill was dancing around the town while I introduced Crucible again, this time at the Cause at a "Meet the Band" session. Then it was off to the Olympiad Centre for the Evening Concert, which I compered. Johnny Collins and Jim Mageean were absolutely lovely, Jeff Warner was a revelation - I'd really like to see more of him - and the show was topped by Chris Wood.

Monday saw me introducing a fabulous concert at a full house in the Cause, with James Fagan and Nancy Kerr. One of my all-time favourite duos, they delivered superbly. The evening brought a ceilidh with Stomp and Andrew Swaine, and the final concert, with Nancy and James heading the bill once again.
A great weekend, despite the wet and rather cold weather. Put your name down for next year!

Photo: James Fagan & Nancy Kerr


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